Yellow flowers on red-colored sandstone
Updated 17:18, 02-Oct-2019

Life stays vibrant in the Zhangye Danxia landform in northwest China's Gansu Province. Among the plants that grow there, a plain-looking small yellow flower grows freely in an environment inhospitable to many other flora species.                             

The plant, officially named Limonium aureum, mainly grows in the northern and western parts of China. It's believed to have medicinal benefits to treat women's irregular menstruation issues.

Series Introduction:

Qilian Mountains – a world unto itself

The Qilian Mountains are part of a critical mountain range in northwest China, home to numerous animals and plants that the country considers to be treasures.

In this series, CGTN Nature's crew takes you on a journey into the mountains, valleys, and deserts... presenting you the true Qilian, a different landscape.

(All photos provided by CGTN's Chen Chen.)

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