Expert: Anti-terrorism practice in China needs to be shared globally
Dialogue with Yang Rui

Every government has the responsibility to ensure public safety and well-being, and China is no exception. Northwest China's Xinjiang has long been plagued by terrorism and extremism, which have threatened the lives of the people in the region. Facing such tough challenges, the Chinese government has made tremendous effort in maintaining peace and stability in the autonomous region.

Ahmed Abaddi, secretary-general of Muhammadan League of Religious Scholars, applauded China's approach to de-radicalization and anti-terrorism for its multidimensionality.

"It has the software and soft power, but it also has the securitarian dimension," said Abaddi. "All this is anchored in serious scientific research. Before elaborating any projects, there is a serious research behind it."

Based on his experience and witness in Xinjiang, Abaddi believed that the current governance in Xinjiang has served the best interests of the region.

"It is in the frame of Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Silk Road Initiative; it is within the frame of keeping the country peaceful; it is within the frame of helping co-citizens, and it is in the frame of engaging in this global war against terrorism," added Abaddi. "So, what I've witnessed so far is a unique best practice that deserves to be shared with the rest of the world."

Regarding the fundamental reasons behind the rise of terrorism and extremism, Abaddi stated that the causes should be analyzed in multiple dimensions. One of the reasons is the dream of unity in the case of the Muslim world since 1924, after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. He pointed out that most of the Muslim countries found themselves in the status of orphans after that, because those countries were obliged to take their own decisions which were very difficult as they were not skilled or trained to do so. Therefore, those extremists promise this unity that they give authority and power, and re-embrace the great fame and the great power of the old days, which could be attractive to those people who were deprived and frustrated.

"It gives such a relief for the lazy spirits and minds, so that they go and embrace," Abaddi stated.


Given the rising uncertainties and the increasing global turbulence, Abaddi maintained that we need to work hard to build up the peaceful process in a bid to prevent further waste and damage, and to establish a "community of a shared future."

"I love this concept that has been developed by Mr. Xi Jinping of 'common destiny', which realizes indeed that this planet is tiny that we cannot afford any third world war," Abaddi added.


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