Taking an energizing 'forest bath' in autumn
By Xing Fangyu

When the summer heat dissipates and the forest is less noisy without cicadas' singing, it means autumn is here. And it's probably the best time to take a "forest-bath" to unwind mentally and physically. 

The red fruits of firethorns (Pyracantha fortuneana) and southern arrowwoods (Viburnum fordiae Hance) decorate the bushes. While the flowers of the cream clematis (Clematis florida Thunb) shed their petals, revealing hairy seeds that are waiting to take a journey with the wind.

The red fruits of firethorns (Pyracantha fortuneana). /CGTN Photo

The red fruits of firethorns (Pyracantha fortuneana). /CGTN Photo

Forest bathing is a kind of eco-therapy to improve our mental and physical health. The activity originated in Japan in the early 1980s, and elucidates our desires to get back to nature, away from urban life and technology.

Enjoy this short video and take a comfortable bath in the autumn forest.

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