Shrubberry Rhodiola: A small but tough herb

Rhodiola is an herb growing in high-altitude mountains, known for having roots that contain health benefits in treating stress and depression.

In the Qilian mountain range in northwest China, a member of the Rhodiola genus stands quietly on the rocky slopes – Shrubberry Rhodiola, or Rhodiola dumulosa (Franch.) S. H. Fu.

The plant grows at an elevation of 1,600-3,900 meters.

A small shrub with thick roots and several succulent stems coming out of the same root system, it can reach a height between 5-35 centimeters.

Its fleshy leaves turn from green to dark red as the plant grows.

Plain as it might look, it is actually tough; strong enough to survive the cold, dry and rocky environment.

The flowering season lasts from May to July, and the fruiting season is August.

It could be found in the northern and western parts of China.

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