Smart travel service system at Daxing International Airport
By Lu Sirui

The era of smart tourism is looking more and more like the era of easy, hassle-free travel.

At Beijing's new Daxing International Airport, travelers are abandoning the tedious check-in experiences of the past and traveling with as little burden as possible.

Thanks to the airport's 5G coverage, masses of information can be uploaded and shared within a few seconds. At the check-in area, 5G enabled facial recognition technology can help thousands of travelers finish check-in in the blink of an eye – no ID cards necessary.

VCG Photo

VCG Photo

And the convenience doesn't stop there.

The "smart-travel-service" system also allows ground service personnel to quickly identify passengers and remind them of boarding information to help them catch their flights.

"Through AR technology and big data enabled by 5G, we can be immediately notified about the location of the wanted customers, their identity, and their classes. This can help us improve our services," says Feng Yifeng, deputy general director of the Beijing Branch of China Eastern Airlines Co. Ltd.

Also, the shuttle buses are equipped with facial-recognition cameras.

If a traveler gets on the wrong shuttle bus, the system will capture his information and notify the ground crew to guide him to the right boarding gate immediately. This saves loads of time without travelers running back and forth throughout the terminal.

Airport officials also say that with smart display terminals, passengers can obtain information about their flights, boarding gates, and destinations by having their faces scanned.