A word to China on PRC's 70th founding anniversary
Updated 19:26, 29-Sep-2019

An online campaign was launched in late August to celebrate the 70th founding anniversary of the People's Republic of China (PRC), inviting social media users to share their stories about China and Chinese culture.

Meanwhile, we also talked to people from different countries who were interested in Chinese culture and had messages for China and its people.

In China's neighbor Thailand, which has maintained good relations with the PRC, people were not hesitant at all in sharing their views.

Click on the play icon and find out what they said!

This is the first of our series, "Celebrate China @70." In the videos and feature stories to come, we will bring you even more interesting or touching stories in "My China Story," as well as "A Message to China." Stay tuned!

Editor: Ai Yan

Video editors: Wang Yulian, Ge Kai

Videographer: Ren Qian

Cover image designer: Gao Hongmei