Six show-stopping weapons at China's 70th National Day military parade
Updated 17:17, 02-Oct-2019

The Chinese army has a long history of building licensed Soviet weapons. This led to wide speculation that China was not very capable of creating new military hardware.

But things have changed a lot in recent years, as China applied its innovation power to developing its arsenal and using technology from commercial companies.

At Tuesday's military parade during celebrations of the PRC's 70th founding anniversary, all showcased weapons were domestically made, making Chinese innovation a highlight of the event.

Here are six gifs to help you understand some of the best weapons that China has created:

Type 99-A is a self-developed tank with a 125mm gun, and is the most sophisticated battlefield tank in China. Type 99-A units are digitalized and interconnected, and are capable of striking enemies even beyond visual range.

YJ-12B are anti-ship cruise missiles capable of hitting large- and medium-sized ships. They are an important part of the coastal defense system. 

The DF-41 intercontinental strategic nuclear missiles has a pivotal role in China's strategic nuclear strength for its supersonic capability. This missiles are also able to carry a payload of 10 warheads and fire decoy missiles. 

The H-6K is a strategic bomber, which means it can carry long-range cruise missiles and hit targets thousands of kilometers away. The H-6K is far-flying, fuel-efficient heavy bomber combining a simple, time-tested airframe with modern electronics and powerful, precision weaponry.

J-20 is a long-range, radar-avoiding stealth combat aircraft commissioned into the PLA Air Force combat service in 2018. The fourth-generation can destroy radar systems and enemy's defense systems with its stealth capability.

Y-20 is China's newest military transport aircraft, and entered service with the People's Liberation Army Air Force in 2016. It can operate under complex weather conditions.