DF-17, DF-100 & DF-41 debut at China's National Day parade
Updated 15:23, 01-Oct-2019

The Strategic Attack Formation was one of the most anticipated parts of the military parade as part of the National Day celebrations for the 70th anniversary of the People's Republic of China, as the DF-17, DF-100, and DF-41 missiles made their first appearance.

The DF-17 conventional missiles are used for precision strikes against medium-and-close targets.

The hypersonic DF-100, on the other hand, is capable of striking long-range targets.

Lastly, the DF-41 has gained worldwide attention, since this intercontinental strategic nuclear missile aims to balance power and secure victory.

Other equipment being showcased includes the second-generation JL-2 long-range ballistic missiles, solid-fuel DF-31 nuclear missiles, and DF-5B nuclear missiles, which can carry multiple warheads and excel at both assault and defense.

The Strategic Attack Formation /CGTN Infographic

The Strategic Attack Formation /CGTN Infographic