Former Thai Deputy PM hopes for closer cultural exchanges with China
By Ai Yan

China and Thailand are like a family, former Thai Deputy Prime Minister Pinit Jarusombat said, adding that such close ties are beneficial to both.

The former prime minister's words came during an interview with a Chinese media delegation led by the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism themed around celebrating the 70th founding anniversary of the People's Republic of China (PRC).

Pinit said that the two countries had a close relationship even before the official establishment of a diplomatic relationship in 1975. Even today, many Thai people are descendants of Chinese families.

"More than 10,000, or even hundreds of thousands of Thai people visited China, seeking for the roots of their families every year," according to Pinit.

He told us that nowadays, learning Chinese has become a trend for people in various fields, including economy, trade, tourism and others.

"People say if you don't know Chinese, it would be difficult to do business," said the former prime minister. Cultural communication also helped to promote ties in other areas, and vice versa.

Pinit speaks highly of the Chinese culture.

"In Chinese culture, there has never been any intention of aggression towards others," he said. "China has never invaded or bullied other countries. This is a noble and valuable culture."

"I wish China and Thailand could cooperate and develop together, and the two countries can continue to communicate and exchange sincerely and truly," Pinit said. 

Reporter: Ai Yan

Videographer: Ren Qian, Marc Parisel

Video Editor: Ge Kai

Cover image: Gao Hongmei