HK police seize large quantity of offensive weapons, dangerous goods, equipment

A two-day police operation carried out on premises suspected of being used for the manufacture of petrol bombs and explosives, netted a large quantity of offensive weapons and dangerous implements, the Hong Kong police said in a statement on Tuesday.

Naphtha, chemical powder, lighter gas and firecrackers were among the dangerous items the police seized. The September 30 and October 1 raids also unearthed offensive weapons, such as folding pocket knives, slingshots, steel beads, extendable poles, hiking poles and a large amount of protective gear.

Investigators raided a total of 48 premises across all of the districts in Hong Kong, and 44 men and seven women were arrested and charged with possession of an offensive weapon, unlawful assembly, possession of dangerous goods and possession of instruments fit for unlawful purposes, the statement said.

Hong Kong police strongly condemn violence, adopting a zero-tolerance for violence. "Manufacturing or storing dangerous goods on premises is very dangerous and irresponsible, as it poses a serious threat to residents nearby and public safety," the police said.

On the same day, violent protesters in Hong Kong's Tuen Mun area used corrosive liquid in a new round of protests, injuring multiple police officers and reporters. 

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Rioters injure officers and reporters with corrosive liquid in new round of protests in Hong Kong