Beijing fine art exhibition marks PRC's 70th anniversary
By Sun Wei

A fine arts exhibition now underway at the National Art Museum of China in Beijing has over 500 pieces of paintings and sculptures on display. Most of the items at the show titled "Great Journey, Splendid View" are among the country's top museum's classic collection, as well as works from over 20 art museums and institutions nationwide.  

The exhibition shows not only the achievements made in different historical stages since the founding of the People's Republic of China, but also the innovation of artists who inherited the tradition, and are exploring the realm of art with determination. 

Art piece display in the National Art Museum of China. /CGTN Photo

Art piece display in the National Art Museum of China. /CGTN Photo

The exhibition consists of four chapters. The first, "Fight for Survival: Road of People's Liberation" reviews the history of the Chinese people's struggle. The second chapter, "Strive for Prosperity: Road of State Building," demonstrates Chinese people's self-reliance, courage and hard work to change the world. The third, "Stay United: Road of Reform and Opening-up," presents the changes and progress made since the reform and opening up in 1978. The final chapter, "Pursue Great Dream: Road of National Rejuvenation" focuses on the spiritual outlook of the Communist Party and the Chinese people.

Wu Weishan, curator of the museum said the great historical journey is recorded in the magnificent scrolls. Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, the development of socialism has changed with each passing year. Filled with passion and bearing a historical mission, Chinese artists keep abreast of the times to document China, its people and the era with their unique vision and innovative skills. Entering the new era, artists are looking for inspiration, creating forms, pursuing dreams and reviving with resolution in their energetic lives. We believe that this exhibition could inspire artistic creation in the new era and stimulate innovation and creation in the future.  

Hosted by the Art Department of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the exhibition runs through November 2.