CGTN Nature: Mount Fanjing Series | Episode 2: Hermits in the Mountain
Updated 13:36, 02-Oct-2019

Do you know that out of the 52 known species of firs in the world, China has the most of them? There are 22 species of firs in China, and among them, the Fanjingshan fir, a survivor from the Quaternary Period, is significant to the research of paleoclimate and paleontology development. And Mount Fanjing, locating in China's southwest province of Guizhou, is the only home for this precious species. Over 4,000 kinds of plants and over 2,700 kinds of animals live in this sacred wonderland harmoniously.

About CGTN Nature

In the seven-episode Mount Fanjing Series, CGTN Nature unfolds various wildlife and landforms on this pristine and secluded island in southwest China's Guizhou Province. Endemic plants and native animals have long been inhabiting the mountains that formed more than a billion years ago.

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