In nature, in China: Marvelous landscapes in China
Updated 17:23, 03-Oct-2019

China is a large country with diverse landscapes. Mountains, deserts, grasslands, wetlands, glaciers, rainforests and tropical coastlines all combine to form the marvelous beauty of the world's fourth-largest country by size.  

Here's a collection of videos CGTN filmed in the past year. Enjoy China's breathtaking natural views.  


In nature, in China

Blessed with far-stretching forests, magnificent mountains, various terrains and diverse animal and plant species, China has never failed to demonstrate Nature's creative works. Over the past year, CGTN Nature documentary crew has traveled across the country, exploring the most stunning views in places that have rarely been seen by many. In the following days we will present episodes of compilation videos depicting the beauty of forests, waters, terrains, and flora and fauna in the country. 

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