China Pavilion: Most popular venue of the Beijing Horticultural Expo
Lyne Lin

Since the expo's opening on April 29, the Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition has attracted nearly 8 million visitors. The expo's four major venues and the Guirui Theatre were among the most popular destinations, with the Chinese Pavilion being tourists' favorite. 

One of the Chinese Pavilion's highlights is its large displays of flowers and plants from the 31 provinces and autonomous regions across China. According to the expo staffer Chen Shengzi, the Hunan booth stands out most with its rain curtain, pebble bridge, bamboo kiosks and black pine trees. The Yunnan exhibitor also attracts a high volume of visitors with its floral peacock centerpiece while the layout of the Anhui venue presents a gorgeous collection of finely groomed bonsai.

Many visitors are also curious about the design of the Chinese Pavilion. Taking inspiration from the traditional Chinese jade ornament of good fortune, the fine structure of the pavilion has integrated many green technologies, which echoes with the expo theme "Live Green, Live Better." The underground storage pond, along with the in-built rainwater collection system on its steel roof provide an efficient irrigation system for its terrace field. Chen said the pond in the basement is not only an eco-friendly solution for watering plants, but it is also a scenic stop for expo tourists.

The expo expects another spike in visitors during the week-long National Day holiday before it closes on October 7.