Large gas field discovered in Xinjiang's Tarim Basin

The Tarim oilfield branch of PetroChina, China's largest oil and gas producer, announced Thursday it discovered a huge gas field with an estimated reserve of 115.3 billion cubic meters in Xinjiang's Tarim Basin, northwest China.

The company completed a successful test of a well in the gas field's Bozi No. 9 well on Wednesday, which has a daily output of 418,200 cubic meters of natural gas and 115.15 cubic meters of gas condensate.

The Boao No. 9 well is a pre-exploration well in the Tarim Basin. Drilling began in October 2017 and was completed this March. The ultra-deep well has a depth of 7,880 meters.

Tian Jun, the company's vice general manager, said the field is expected to start production in November.

"The trap is 40.9 square kilometers with a high extent reaching 540 meters. It also has high gas saturation reaching 72 percent. After calculations, we predict that the gas field contains 115.3 billion cubic meters of natural gas," said Qiu Bin, manager of exploration utility department of Tarim oilfield branch of PetroChina.

"The well obtained high-yield industrial oil flow, marking substantial progress in the construction of the second trillion-square-square atmosphere in the Tarim Oilfield, and also provides a solid resource base for the stable supply of gas to the West-East Gas Pipeline," said Yang Xuewen, general manager of the Tarim Oilfield branch of PetroChina.

The Tarim Oilfield provides natural gas to 15 provincial-level regions in northern and eastern China via the country's West-to-East gas pipelines.

(With input from Xinhua)