China-DPRK art exhibition celebrates 70 years of diplomatic ties
Updated 18:56, 05-Oct-2019
By Wang Xiying

The year 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between the People's Republic of China (PRC) and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK). An art exhibition is being held at the Mansudae Art Museum in Beijing's 798 Art District, vividly depicting the seven decades of bilateral relations between the two neighboring countries. 

Jointly organized by the Korean Mansudae Creative Society and the Korean International Cultural Exchange Center, the exhibition opened on September 14. This is the only overseas gallery supported by the DPRK government which provides a cultural exchange platform for people from the two and other countries. 

The museum's director, Jin Zhengtai, said that "the exhibition is very meaningful and contains many symbols that connect the two sides."

"We have a painting about the Changbai Mountain, which is also called Paektu Mountain in the DPRK, the painting is divided into two parts which shows the long-lasting friendship between the two countries," Jin said. 

The exhibition has attracted many visitors who are interested in Korean art and culture. 

Chinese visitor Wang Zhao, who runs an art school, said there is no boundary for art, adding that the Korean way of painting symbolizes a very simple and honorable lifestyle.

"Our two countries are close neighbors, narrowly separated by a strip of water. I am really interested in the styles and themes of their artists," said another visitor Jiang Zenan, adding that art is always inspired by real life.

For the Chinese National Day holiday, many parents brought their children to the exhibition to appreciate the beauty of art and learn from cultural differences. Jiang Haihong visited the exhibition with her daughter, and hopes she could know more about the neighboring country and have an internationalized way of thinking.

Cover image via CGTN

Videographer: You Siyuan