China's Flora Tour: The pear has an aroma of white wine
Updated 10:56, 06-Oct-2019

The autumn falls and the harvest season comes, and one of the seasonal fruits in autumn is pear. The pear in northeast China's Liaoning Province is crowned as "queen of pears" because of its special flavor of wine.

Nanguo pear is a native variety in the southern part of Liaoning Province, such as Anshan City, which is one of the largest producers of iron and steel in China. As the Nanguo pear's growth requires a high percentage of iron content in soil, this makes Anshan City a high-yield place with the best quality of fruits.

Girls are picking Nanguo pears. /VCG Photo

Girls are picking Nanguo pears. /VCG Photo

The pear is characterized by its white wine aroma and taste. It is caused by the natural fermentation when the fruits are ripe. However, mature pears are too soft to sustain long distance transportation, which makes the delicious fruit hard to come by for people who live in the southern part of China.

China's Flora Tour

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