120-hectare forest park opens in Beijing

The 120-hectare Baihe Urban Forest Park, in Beijing's northeastern Miyun District, was opened to the public during the National Day holiday, according to the district's government.

The park, which construction started last November, sits on the site of a landfill, where hills were once damaged by the garbage-disposing facility, the district bureau of landscape and forestry said.

With a five hectares of a man-made lake linked with the Baihe River, a water source of the Chinese capital city, the park is home to 83,000 nursery-grown plants, including poplars, elms and other indigenous tree species, as well as Chinese rose and salvia.

More plant species, including those that can attract birds and insects to form a stable ecosystem, will be added, the bureau said.

Miyun is an important area of ecological conservation and water source in Beijing.

(Cover: Baihe Urban Forest Park in Beijing's Miyun District. /VCG Photo)

Source(s): Xinhua News Agency