Chinese song and dance drama tours Thailand
By Yang Ran

The Chinese new song and dance drama"Lady Zhaojun" is being staged in Thailand as part of Bangkok's 21st International Festival of Dance and Music. The drama is part of activities celebrating the 70th anniversary of the People's Republic of China and spectators are raving. 

This is the first performance of "Lady Zhaojun" outside China after its premiere at the "Meet in Beijing" Art Festival this Spring.  

"Lady Zhaojun" is based on the legend of Wang Zhaojun, an ancient Chinese beauty from the Han Dynasty around 2,000 years ago. Li Yugang portrays the classic image of Zhaojun, who volunteered to marry the ruler of a powerful nomadic group on the then-border of northern China, to maintain peace between the two sides.  

The performance, which features grand elaborate sets and stunning costumes, has been warmly received by spectators. "China has never let me down. I've never watched any song and dance show at such a magnificent level before," an audience member said. "Lady Zhaojun has a big love because she had sacrificed herself for peace," another said.

Multi-award-winning singer and performer Li Yugang, a member of China's National Opera and Dance Theater, stars as Lady Zhaojun. He is the master of traditional "fan chuan" or "nan dan" – men who specialize in female roles in Chinese Opera.  

"'Lady Zhaojun' is a true story about peace and love. Now I'm bringing this drama to Thailand and I feel like I'm performing for my family. I hope I can bring more classic works here and spread Chinese culture," Li said. 

"Lady Zhaojun" is the only song and dance drama from an Asian country to be invited by the festival. Bangkok's International Festival of Dance and Music is one of the biggest arts festivals in Southeast Asia and runs until October 19. 

(Cover image via VCG)