How can China-DPRK relations grow amid world challenges?

Chinese President Xi Jinping and DPRK top leader Kim Jong Un exchanged congratulatory messages, to mark the 70th anniversary of their countries' diplomatic relations on October 6. President Xi said in the past 70 years, the countries' friendship has stood the test of time, amid changes in global affairs. He said ties have grown stronger and taken roots in the hearts of the two peoples. Kim said the DPRK will carry on the traditional friendship with China, and promote future cooperation. President Xi said the "traditional friendship" between China and the DPRK is the precious wealth for the two countries. Given the UN sanctions, DPRK's recent missile tests, the China-U.S. trade war, and other complications, how can the two countries build on their ties and face the challenges together? Teng Jianqun, Director of American Studies at the China Institute of International Studies, gives his insights with CGTN's China 24.