The end of International Horticultural Expo and how it's benefited Beijing

Oct. 6 marks the next to the last day of the Beijing International Horticultural Expo. Nearly eight million visitors from home and abroad have passed through giant garden's gates since opening day on April 29. And a new attendance record is expected for the National Day Golden Week. The current single day record is for the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, with around 86,000 visits. The expo theme is "Live Green, Live Better." The Olympic Games-level event for horticulture has attracted participants from over 110 countries, regions and international organizations, as well as 120 non-official exhibitors. Beijing has enjoyed the highest ever attendance rate in the event's history. This is the second time China's hosted the horticultural expo. Twenty years ago, it was held in the southwestern city of Kunming. What are the benefits of being the host city? Shen Yiyang, Director of Inclusive Development Research Center and Senior Energy Consultant at the Asian Development Bank, explains this on CGTN.