Pianist Lang Lang passes on his musical mastery to young students
Updated 21:33, 08-Oct-2019
By Zheng Chunying, Huang Xiaodong

As one of the most celebrated pianists in the world, the Chinese master musician Lang Lang is always working on new music and touring the globe. But these days, he seems to spend more time on education and philanthropy. In this episode of China 24's special, "Generations of China," our reporter Zheng Chunying takes you to look at how the world-renowned pianist is committed to inspiring the next generation.

It's a historical day at Dong Chen elementary school in eastern China. These children, most of them are the so-called "left-behind children" or are from low-income families, have been waiting for days now, to welcome one man. This man is the world-renowned Chinese master pianist, Lang Lang, whose foundation has equipped the school with its very own music room, including sixteen smart electronic pianos, as the master pianist looks to give something back to an industry which has served him so well.

"For me, I'm lucky enough to have a great career. I always had the best guidance, and I would like to share that experience with the next generation and hope they can have a beautiful ride as well as what I had," said Lang.

Indeed, he's the first Chinese pianist to play with the Vienna Philharmonic, Berlin Philharmonic, and all the top American orchestras. His reputation precedes him because, for many Chinese youngsters, Lang Lang is not only a legend but also an inspiration, and a role model.

Statistics show that there are over 40 million children in China learning the piano, and most of them say that they were inspired to learn the instrument because of Lang Lang. This is know as the "Lang Lang effect."

Lang said that he was honored, and grateful that so many children and youngsters look up to him and want to be him. "I see it as a beautiful thing and any kid has the right to play," he added.

Lang is truly looking to make his mark on China's next generation of musicians. He said he has his own ideas about how promising young talent can be nurtured and refined. 

"For my students, what I do is give them more creative time. I'm pretty strict in a way that I’m not pushing them," said Lang.

He also added that thanks to a greater China, it's much easier for the younger generations to learn and master the piano now, than it was when he was a child.

"It's a better time, there are more orchestras coming to China each year. It's easier for the students to get access to the work of the masters, who play the best interpretation of music for them," said Lang.

Undoubtedly, music had a profound impact on Lang Lang's life from an early age. "A beautiful thing," that's what he called learning music. So for him, every child should have an opportunity to pick up an instrument.

And now, as he tries to pass the torch to the next generation, who knows, maybe it will be one of those children from Dong Chen elementary school who takes it on.