Qatar Pavilion wants to give something China deserved

The International Horticultural Exhibition 2019 concludes on October 7. The exhibition, which ran for nearly six months, has attracted millions of visitors from home and abroad. The largest-ever gardening show is a perfect demonstration of the harmonious relationship between human beings and nature.

Qatar will host the International Horticultural Exhibition in Doha in 2021. Earlier, CGTN's Senior Correspondent Tian Wei visited the Qatar Pavilion at the expo and talked to its Deputy General Commissioner, Dr. Fayqa Ashkanani. Spanning over 2,000 square meters, the Qatar National Pavilion has one of the largest, widest, and tallest built-up areas at the expo. The building's design is inspired by none other than the Sidra tree, the icon of Qatar's heritage that fills its people with pride.

Ashkanani said they started to construct the Qatar National Pavilion in December of 2017, and their team worked very hard to make the project successful because they wanted to give the friends in China something they deserved and attracting the Chinese to visit Qatar. Also, she said, the visitors' number to the Qatar Pavilion has reached two million.

From a construction standpoint, there are five trees supporting five gardens in a circular pavilion. Each garden on each floor tells a different story about Qatar. Inside the building, people could experience the buzz of a traditional local market from fashion to spices.

Ashkanani added that people enjoyed the most the traditional part because the visitors were trying Qatar's food and custom clothes. Whenever she sees people coming especially to see the Qatar National Pavilion, it is a "very big thing."

"When I see people coming especially to see Qatar and contacting us on WeChat, it touched my heart," she said.

She explained that it is very successful for them when it comes to the opening ceremony, especially the Qatar National Pavilion was chosen as one of the site visits on the first day of the opening ceremony. So for her, this is very meaningful, because they were choosing the Qatar Garden just after the China Garden, and she feels like it is a kind of appreciation to their work and their successful garden.

This year, Beijing is offering a glimpse of these futuristic attractions. The Middle Eastern nation of Qatar will host the 2021 International Horticultural Expo and the World Cup the following year.

"We are promoting our garden here, and we have a special section to promote our expo, and there is a master plan just to invite people to come also inviting other international gardens to participate in our expo. Also, it aims to invite Chinese friends to visit our expo and to see more about horticulture and gardens in Qatar," she added.