190,000 people attracted to Chinese Opera Culture Week

The Chinese Opera Culture Week drew to a close on Tuesday after attracting nearly 190,000 visitors to the Beijing Expo Garden to experience the unique charm of traditional culture up close.

During the past seven days, 65 troupes, including state-owned opera troupes in Beijing and representative opera troupes from all over the country, presented 370 performances in the Beijing Expo Garden, attracting 190,000 tourists in total.

One of the most distinctive features of this year's opera week is that famous opera artists go out of the traditional theater and communicate with audiences in the natural stage of a garden.

The main stage is designed for Peking Opera. The classic "Teahouse" attracted hundreds of people at every show during the week, according to the data released by Beijing Daily.

In addition, people from all walks of life participate in activities such as flash mob, and singing contest.

"Opera originated from the folks, and the Chinese Opera Culture Week gave it back to the folks," said Ma Guojun, professor at the Central Academy of Drama, told Chinanews. Ma believes that opera researchers should regain faith and confidence in Chinese opera.

Cui Wei, secretary-general of the China Theatre Association, pointed out that the most urgent task for Chinese opera is to encourage opera performers to work in a more creative way so as to draw greater attention from its audiences.