Andy Murray to CGTN: I feel my tennis has been good so far
Sports Scene

During Andy Murray's China swing in Beijing, he took time to sit down with CGTN's "Sports Scene" program and talk about his comeback from his second hip surgery and hopes for the future.

The 32-year-old Scot won four matches at tournaments in China and was upbeat.

"Definitely, the last two weeks have been a huge improvement from two months ago. I felt like I have been very competitive in the matches. I feel like my tennis has been good. Physically, I find the matches tough, that's something which I need to improve. But in terms of how I'm playing it's significantly better than where I was two months ago," Murray told CGTN while reflecting on his current status and performance so far.

His comeback has been hogging the limelight and his recent performance in China surely helped him show a lot of promise for his second innings on the tour in singles.

"Before the operation in January I was in a lot of pain. Not just playing tennis but walking, doing normal things. It was very uncomfortable. Obviously I had the operation done and since two months after the operation I have been pretty much pain free in my hip. So I spoke to my team. You know I was not sure if I wanted to come back and play because I was quite happy not being in pain. I was doing normal things. I was having a normal life and I was enjoying it a lot."

"Once I started training again and when I was feeling how my hip was and it was like 'This is good. I can play tennis. It's not sore.' Obviously I started with the doubles to see how that was going. It was pretty positive, like I wasn't perfect but I was feeling quite good. My hip wasn't hurting after the matches. I decided to keep progressing and keep doing physical testing to see where I was strength-wise. Once I got to a certain level of strength, my team agreed that I could try singles. It's been good so far," he added.