VR music show 'Eight' makes Asia premiere at Beijing Music Festival
Updated 21:33, 09-Oct-2019
By Louisa Lee, Shen Li

The Beijing Music Festival (BMF) is in full swing, and this time around, the immersive aspect is one of its focal points.

With the help of advanced VR technology, composer Michel van der Aa is bringing music lovers an experience like they've never had before, taking viewers into a virtual world with 360-degree panorama and musical soundscape. 

He is one of the most creative and outstanding Dutch composers of his generation.

Wearing VR equipment, visitors get to enjoy a private and a multidisciplinary showcase of musical theater, opera, exhibition, digital arts and film. 

According to the organizer, BMF has always been seeking to make breakthroughs in the avant-garde performance area, thus redefining classical music.

"Why we bring this is [because] we need to bring more variety performing arts. Not only we go to the concert halls, listen to the opera and Bach. We need to do something else," Tu Song, senior director of the program department at the BMF told CGTN.

''Eight" will run till October 27 at The Red House.