China's prioritized high-tech areas: Here are the key labs in 2019
Updated 16:41, 10-Oct-2019

Along with the announcement of Nobel Prize winners in Medicine, Physics, and Chemistry, 30 university- and institute-based laboratories on Wednesday were newly selected as China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) Key Laboratories, a reserve group for the national team.

The labs, covering research from satellite navigation, artificial intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity to integrated circuits, nuclear energy and medicine, are from the top seven universities and several national institutes, according to the MITT.

The list of MIIT's key labs in 2019. /CGTN Infographic

The list of MIIT's key labs in 2019. /CGTN Infographic

Initiated by the MIIT, the labs serve as a foundation for the upgrade and transformation of China's traditional manufacturing industry by taking advantage of cutting-edge technologies, and are also responsible for fundamental research in related subjects.

All labs have either university or research institute background, and enjoy independent talent management and financial operation.

Compared to previous years, the number of Key Laboratories in 2019 has seen a slight increase, with much broader research fields involved.

The number of MIIT's Key Laboratories each year. /CGTN Infographic

The number of MIIT's Key Laboratories each year. /CGTN Infographic

What are the criteria for MIIT's Key Labs?

To be enrolled into the Key Lab list, the research center has to be registered in China, and is an independent legal entity. If the lab is backed by a company, it must have a huge domestic base to carry out production and relevant research.

The size of the laboratory should be no less than 3,000 square meters, and equipped with advanced equipment. Moreover, well-known academic lab heads are also necessary for a competitive team.

After making it to the MIIT Key Lab, it will be a step closer to joining the national team, which means more funds and resources. Meanwhile, the lab has to pass annual reviews from the MIIT for consecutive years. If it fails, the Key Lab license will be revoked.

(All lab names and lab numbers are from MIIT website)