The grand masquerade of flora around the globe in 162 days
Updated 20:41, 11-Oct-2019

Even though the 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Expo closed yesterday, people's love for plants and greener ways of living has not ended. During the 162 days, CGTN Nature has provided you with several series introducing distinctive flora from China and around the globe. Here's a collection.

China's Flora Tour

From the wetlands along the coast to the dense rain forests hidden in the southwest of China, all boast an array of plant species. In this series, CGTN will go on a tour to learn about some of the most iconic flora in different provinces and see how they live in harmony with the local climate and topography. 

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Plants & Nations

"Plants & Nations" is a series of articles and pictures about common plants in the world. It serves as a guide to beautiful plants from different countries. 

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Silent Wisdom

Filmed in Xishuangbanna rain forest in southwest China's Yunnan Province, this series is set to remind you of the importance of rain forests in maintaining the health of our planet, as well as the urgency to protect it from further shrinking. 

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Gardening Tips

"Gardening Tips" is a series of articles, pictures and videos about gardening and tips to take care of plants.

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Botanic Garden

Botanic garden is always a paradise for diverse plants and fervent plant lovers. From exotic succulents living in the tropical desert to strange-looking alpine plants surviving at high altitudes, you can see them all in those transparent greenhouses or outdoor forests. In this series, CGTN will take you to meet some amazing plants and fungi in botanic gardens.

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(Cover image via VCG.)

(Video filmed by Shen Hui, Liu Zihao, Zhao Ruixuan, Fu Gaoliang, edited by CGTN's Zhao Ying.)

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