Athletes' village opens at 7th Military World Games in China
Updated 17:38, 12-Oct-2019
Liu Jiaqi

The 7th Military World Games athletes' village opened and a flag-raising ceremony was held on Friday, as hosts China became the first delegation registered to the newly built complex a week before the opening of the seventh global military sports gala.

The village is expected to host around 10,000 athletes, coaches and officials from more than 100 countries and regions during the 10-day event in Wuhan, capital of central China's Hubei Province.

The athletes' village is located by Huangjia Lake in Wuhan's Jiangxia District. It covers a floor area of 558,000 square meters.

The village has such facilities as medical centers, fitness clubs, banks, convenience stores and souvenir shops, to help ensure a comfortable stay for all the participants.

The Military World Games, sanctioned by the International Military Sports Council (CISM) is the the world's top sports event for military personnel. This year's event features 329 competition events in 27 categories, making it the largest ever in the games' history. 

Table tennis was added to the competition category, and gymnastics and tennis are demonstration sports in the 2019 games.