Natural Phenomena: What a dynamic world!
Updated 11:17, 13-Oct-2019
By Ding Qian

Harsh phenomena like storms, typhoons and floods, often occur in nature, but so does beautiful natural views, such as rainbows and auroras. Nature is mighty and vibrant. It's the dynamic source of life and is closely bonded with humans. 

In this video, CGTN brings you some powerful images that depict nature magnificence.

About Natural Phenomena 

Natural phenomena is a new series that takes into the unknown world of nature. From natural disasters, such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, to spectacles like auroras and mirages, CGTN digs into the secrets of planet Earth. 

(The video is edited by Ding Qian, with video clips from CGTN Nature documentary series and VCG. Cover image via VCG)

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