On The Road: A Chinese space voyage story
Updated 15:01, 15-Oct-2019

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China (PRC) and present a panoramic view of the country's great journey, the 24-episode documentary "On The Road" focuses on the great achievements and valuable experiences of people of all ethnic groups in the socialist revolution, construction and reform over the past 70 years. It also recounts the touching stories and important events of the country since 1949.

The fifth episode of the series features China's path toward a space power. On October 16, 1964, China tested its first atomic bomb. Three years later, the country's first hydrogen bomb exploded in the sky. 

The country's strategic missile development progressed from short and medium to long-range, from liquid to solid fuel, from land to sea-based, and from fixed to mobile launch sites. 

Besides, as of March 2019, 300 launches carried out by the self-developed Long March carrier rocket series had placed over 200 satellites in orbits for geographic surveillance, communication and broadcasting, China's BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, and scientific research and experimentation, according to the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation. 

In 2018 alone, China boasted the world's most launches.

Starting from scratch, tens of thousands of researchers and scientists devoted themselves to China's space program, helping China transform from a poverty-stricken country to a strong space force. 

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