Team Germany eyes military pentathlon gold in Wuhan
Sports Scene

The military pentathlon will be fiercely contested at this year's World Military Games in Wuhan, as it is considered among the most difficult events. The German team has been training hard in Munich to master the five skills needed to grab gold.

The military pentathlon is comprised of five events: an obstacle run in which competitors face 20 hurdles across 500 meters, a 50-meter swim with four obstacles, an eight-kilometer cross-country run, throwing, and shooting.

In terms of obstacle swimming, each competitor must complete four different hurdles in and out of the water in the fastest time. Clocking every second requires that every breath be carefully executed.

Staff Sergeant Damien Rauch said, "We try to train in swimming twice a week. We started with the preparation around January and February, swimming with paddles and buoys, training specifically for the technicalities. And then we progressed to specific swimming training."

Sergeant Rauch came in 20th in the military pentathlon at the last CISM Military World Games in South Korea and knew there would be tough competition ahead in Wuhan. He believed that the Russians were very good, and obviously the constant favorites along with China and Brazil.

All these competitors knew that this rigorous training was well worth it. While proud to represent their country, the Military World Games were much more than raising their national flag on a podium, as the games are meant to promote peace and solidarity among soldiers from participating nations.