People taste coffee culture at Lujiazui Coffee Culture Festival in Shanghai

An international coffee festival started Thursday in Lujiazui Financial District of east China's Shanghai, where coffee lovers from around the world indulge themselves in tasting a host of coffee varieties.

Coffee has been popular in Shanghai since the city opened to the world over 170 years ago.

At the Lujiazui Coffee Culture Festival, with each sip of a new coffee variety, people get to know different cultures from all corners of the world.

In addition to coffee, there are many other interesting things at the festival. For example, a mini-motorcycle designed for an amusement park, though out of fashion for two years, still draws a group of fans. At a collectibles store, many artifacts are collected by the owner from all around the world, each with its unique story. There is also a fun barber's shop, where deco and barber's skills remind people of the old times.

Since the first festival in 2016, the event has been held for the fourth time, and the number of brands and people participating has been increasing every year.