The Military World Games' media center gets unveiled
Liu Jiaqi

The seventh edition of the Military World Games will officially get underway on Friday in Wuhan, the capital city of central China's Hubei Province. The journalists covering China's first ever staging of this event will spend a lot of time working in the Media Center, and that's where our reporter Mike Fox has headed to give us an early look at the newly constructed venue.

The Main Media Center of the seventh CISM Military World Games was officially put into use on October 10. The Main Press Center is on the first and second floor, with the International Broadcasting Center (IBC) on the third and fourth. 

During the event, there will be more than 200 signals broadcasting to the rest of the world. The event has attracted media from 58 countries on five continents, making it the largest contingent of press in the history of the event.

Different from other sports which are broadcast from inside the stadium, the Military Pentathlon and badminton will use a remote production. The directing team will control the cameras at the event from the IBC when these two sports are in action.

James Cowling, a volunteer from the Information Services, says "I've been to Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games. And I think the main message whether it's military games or ordinary games, it's just the coordination between nations, the peace-building."

"Sports can do something that nothing else can do. And that is to bring together people through fun and excitement in competition," he added. 

Some citizens in Wuhan also have expressed their feelings, saying that "hosting the Military World Games reflects our city's comprehensive strength. The Games will benefit our country and the people."