Make Friends, Not War – Boxing
Updated 10:40, 15-Oct-2019
By Han Bin, Huang Xiaodong

Boxing is not anything new in China. But professional boxing is. CGTN got a chance to film the PLA Boxing Team in training. We also talked with veteran and promising female boxers about their passion for this challenging sport.

Female boxers will compete

"Losing isn't terrible. I'm only afraid of losing against myself. There's only one champion, but I really want to be that one," says Wu Yu.

The 24-year-old has been boxing for nine years. Military life has allowed her to serve while maintaining a stable boxing career. She says, like other girls of her age, she loves to get dressed up and wear make-up. But when she enters the ring, she becomes another person.

Boxer Wu Yu. /CGTN Photo by Lan Hao

Boxer Wu Yu. /CGTN Photo by Lan Hao

For the first time at the Military World Games, boxing will be open to women. Though it's still controversial, most believe they can represent the spirit of today's female soldier.

PLA pulls no punches

"Boxing is part of military training for hand-to-hand combat. It represents a kind of military image and style," says Gao Linzhi, who's both athlete and coach.

The 36-year-old is a two-time champion in the 52-kilo class at the Military World Games. The "Evergreen Tree," as he's known, will compete again in this year's Games. Gao says boxing is an undertaking for the brave, a sport for the talented. He says it's not a brutal sport. Rather, it's using fists to talk and to conquer.

Boxer Gao Linzhi. /CGTN Photo by Lan Hao

Boxer Gao Linzhi. /CGTN Photo by Lan Hao

Gao is hoping to score another knockout. He believes that events like the Military World Games in China can boost boxing's popularity among the troops and encourage soldiers to expand their training options.