Mixed reactions over Carrie Lam's annual policy address
By Wei Diqi

Mixed reactions were seen after Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Chief Executive Carrie Lam delivered her third annual policy address on Wednesday.

CGTN spoke to some Hong Kong residents for their take on Lam's address. Some of them supported the address, some stayed neutral, while others felt upset over her address on the housing issue.

An elderly man said this policy is good for those lower-income people, because they will have more chances to change their living conditions.

A local resident, identified as Sa, said: "Actually this address didn't solve the real problems in Hong Kong. It seems to help Hong Kong people afford buying a house, but in fact it's making you get more loan from the bank. It didn't help to ease the sky-high housing prices. So the whole report didn't solve the social issues in-depth."

A 18-year-old student told us: "I'm not satisfied with this report. She didn't solve the housing issue, which would increase people's burden on their money."

A lady held a neutral opinion saying: "Because I have already got my own houses, so honestly it didn't influence me too much. But I heard from my friend, you need to have a huge amount of money to pass the stress testing from the bank, in terms of this housing policy. So actually it won't benefit too many people. And most of the policies didn't help to solve the real social issue in Hong Kong right now."

When Lam presented her report in the Legislative Council, she was interrupted twice, which led her to deliver the address through a pre-recorded video. We also asked people what they thought about this.

A woman told CGTN: "Although it's not a perfect way, at least she tried to make Hong Kong people listen to her. I hope people can be more inclusive toward her, and think of her current situation. But someone thinks this way is ridiculous, that she always hides behind the camera, and won't deliver a public speech in future."