Security enhanced across Wuhan ahead of 7th Military World Games
Updated 22:29, 18-Oct-2019
Cui Hui'ao

The central Chinese city of Wuhan hosts this year's Military World Games. Ahead of the event, the city has been stepping up security, with extra personnel and artificial intelligence.

For example, ten eye-catching patrol cars have been running around the athletes' village. What's special about them is they are completely unmanned, meaning they are AI robots.

With eight cameras and multiple sensors, these driver-less cars can patrol eight hours straight, while transmitting 360-degree real-time images. A product of artificial intelligence, they could be a big help in a real emergency. 

"These patrol cars can identify situations whenever people nearby wave for help or guidance. They also enable people to make one-button calls to the police. They just need to tap the button on the car, and the police will arrive shortly to deal with the situation," said Liu Hong, operation officer at Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Public security. 

Local police in Wuhan are taking the event as an opportunity to further explore "smart policing" with the help of advanced technologies.

High technology is everywhere in the village. Facial recognition systems are now in place for entry into the residential area.

Outside the athletes' village, security has been boosted across the city. For example, over 2,000 security personnel have been deployed at Wuhan Tianhe International Airport since October.

Qi Yong, deputy chief of security checkpoints at Wuhan Tianhe International Airport, told CGTN that they have strengthened security checks by moving the X-ray system to the entrance of the terminal. "We conduct an initial screening of passengers before they enter the facility," said Qi.

Helicopter patrols have also become more frequent. Local officials said helicopters have an advantage over drones in granting the police rapid access and control of a designated area. 

A pilot flies the helicopter over Wuhan Five Rings Sports Center. /CGTN photo

A pilot flies the helicopter over Wuhan Five Rings Sports Center. /CGTN photo

Over 50 defense ministers, military generals and officers from participating countries will attend the opening ceremony, said Yang Jian, director of the executive committee of the 7th Military World Games, during a press conference on Thursday. 

Meanwhile, Chinese President Xi Jinping will open the Military World Games on Friday in Wuhan, setting the stage for an exciting and competitive event.

This is the first time Wuhan is hosting such a high profile event. With more than 10,000 athletes converging on the venue from around the world, the host city is doing its best to ensure a safe and trouble-free environment.