Live: Meet young 'veteran' actors before Wuzhen Theatre Festival
Updated 07:44, 23-Oct-2019

Ahead of the seventh Wuzhen Theatre Festival, CGTN invites lovers of all things theatrical to take a trip to the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts where three school performances will showcase their passion and love for theater.

"The Way Alone" features the ups and downs in the life of poet Li Qingzhao during the Song Dynasty (A.D. 960 to 1279). She was considered to be the "first gifted woman in a thousand years", but aside from writing poetry, she went through a divorce and spent time in jail.  

The "Lion House" shows Wu Song, the protagonist of the famous Chinese classic "The Water Margin", as he aims to kill his sister-in-law's lover in a furious and anger-filled Beijing opera.  

"Symbiosis" leads us to think whether the personification of data can coexist with the self in a creative way. What's special about this show is that it can change into any plot and genre during each performance, a concept which encapsulates the meaning of symbiosis. 

Can't wait to see the shows in person? CGTN's Katrin Büchenbacher offers a live stream ticket of all three performances on our website and social media.