Neo-Chinese style: Modern Oriental aesthetics
By Ye Qing

With the development of modern society, there's also been a counter trend in design that's nostalgic of a past time. Many are calling this a Neo-Chinese style of interior design, with Lv Yongzhong being one of the main players in this space. 

Lv Yongzhong, a talented design veteran with excellent craftsmanship, has a deep understanding and appreciation in the relation between Chinese traditional culture and our modern society, which enables him to create spaces renowned for the combination of Oriental philosophy and poetic thinking.

He graduated from Tongji University in 1990 and stayed on as a lecturer for almost 20 years. His works have won numerous awards and are seen as an influential Chinese creative designer, as reported in both international and domestic media.

Lv hopes to find the elegant life that Chinese people once had and create a road of contemporary Chinese furniture after Ming Dynasty furniture with excellent wood, the study of ergonomics, and the high-quality craft as the medium.

The Neo-Chinese style is not a completely retro Ming and Qing dynasties, but through the characteristics of Chinese style, express the pursuit of elegant and rich Oriental spiritual realm.

The Neo-Chinese style mainly includes two basic contents: one is the interpretation of the cultural significance of traditional Chinese style in the current era; the second is the contemporary design based on the full understanding of contemporary Chinese culture.

It is through the understanding of traditional culture, the combination of modern elements and traditional elements, with the aesthetic needs of modern people that creates this rich traditional style of design.

Editor: Ye Qing

Cover image: Liu Shaozhen

Executive producer: Zhang Xiaohe 

Producer: Si Nan 

Supervisor: Zhang Shilei