Guzmania conifera: A vibrant flower that dies after flowering
Updated 17:43, 24-Oct-2019

The Guzmania conifera plant is stunning! Its cone-shaped flowers and vibrant red hue make it a centerpiece in any garden.

The tropical plant collects moisture in a central cup formed by the rosette of its leaves. It also collects insects for extra nutrition. The plant belongs to the genus Guzmania, which is native to Ecuador and Peru. The name "conifera" refers to its flower cluster, which looks like a cone. "Guzman" refers to Anastasio Guzman, a Spanish naturalist, after whom the plant was named.


Here are some tips to take care of the plant:

1. It is necessary to fill the central cup with water when watering. 

2. The plant will die after it has flowered, but the new plantlets will grow from its base.

3. The plant enjoys hot and humid weather. So, make sure it gets enough sunlight and moisture. 

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