Huawei launches latest line of 5G smartphones in China
Updated 16:43, 24-Oct-2019
By Lu Sirui

Chinese telecom firm Huawei has announced the launch of its latest line of 5G-powered devices in China, including a highly anticipated folding 5G smartphone.

The 5G era is all about high speed, but that's not the only thing Huawei is promising with its second generation of 5G smartphones.

Extra-large sensors will re-shape users' photo and video experience with added convenience to actions like taking screenshots and browsing between web pages.

"We also added a special sensor for the user's position. The phone can automatically rotate the screen based on the orientation of the user's face, and it will identify whether the user is the owner of the phone. If not, it will hide private messages," said Li Xiaolong, a Huawei employee.

Huawei has also released 5G-powered virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) apps.

Huawei VR glasses. /CGTN Photo

Huawei VR glasses. /CGTN Photo

Thanks to the high processing speed, these VR games will just be too cool to quit.

"The AR and VR platforms are expected to be the next popular devices after smartphones. But they will only get big as the commercialization of 5G develops," said Li Tengyue, another Huawei employee.

"We should be proud of the ability of Chinese mobile operators to build networks and also of Huawei itself to build 5G infrastructure. I believe we can build the best 5G network with the fastest speed," said Li.

Huawei Mate X. /CGTN Photo

Huawei Mate X. /CGTN Photo

Huawei says the demand for data from users is getting higher, so it's just right to meet such demands with further improved user experience, which essentially equates to a faster speed.