The Long March 5 Y-3 carrier rocket arrives at launch site
Updated 15:16, 28-Oct-2019
By Wu Lei

The National Space Administration announced that the Long March 5 Y-3 carrier rocket safely arrived in south China's Hainan Wenchang Qinglan Port on October 27.

After completing a series of assembly and testing work, the rocket will be launched from the Wenchang space launch site.

Yuanwang 21 and 22 vessels. /CGTN Photo

Yuanwang 21 and 22 vessels. /CGTN Photo

The rocket transport fleet, consisting of the Yuanwang 21 and 22 vessels belonging to the China Satellite Maritime Survey and Control Department, set sail from Tianjin Port on October 22. After five days and nights of sailing under the complex sea conditions and harsh environment, it arrived safely at the Qinglan Port Terminal in Wenchang, Hainan. 

The rocket will then be transported to the Wenchang Space Launch Site by road transport and will carry out preparations for the launch site mission following the plan.