Domestic brand opens nation's top fashion event in Beijing
By Ding Siyue and Wang Wei

The 2020 China Fashion Week has kicked off in Beijing. On Friday, NE Tiger, a top home-grown brand, had the honor of kicking off the international event. Let's take a look at the haute couture runway show.

Inspired by the snow-clad landscape and rugged, bold spirit of China's northeast, the NE Tiger show presented a dazzling collection of 70 winter pieces. The natural charm of fur was complemented by centuries-old textile techniques such as brocade-weaving and embroidery.

According to the brand's artistic director, the collection embodies the essence of China's traditional culture. 

Models at the 2020 China Fashion Week. /VCG Photo

Models at the 2020 China Fashion Week. /VCG Photo

"In creating this collection, I have stressed the idea of magnificence and dignity in China's traditional clothing," said Zhang Zhifeng, who has founded the NE Tiger brand, "All the pieces in it are a manifestation of the Chinese people's solidarity and passion for life. This has been a consistent theme for my brand. While upholding the tradition, I've also made a point of blending in modernity and recent global elements, in order to win the recognition from consumers around the world. The pieces are meant for both formal displays and accessibility."

China Fashion Week is presenting more than one hundred runway shows and fashion contests, in addition to 30-plus special events. Some 200 notable design houses will showcase their latest creations. 

Staging the opening show of the 2020 Autumn/Winter event, NE Tiger has high expectations for itself this week.

"This is the 19th year that we're doing the opening show for the China Fashion Week. Ever since its establishment, we've been a steadfast supporter of the China Fashion Week. In a sense, our firm has been growing alongside the fashion week. It has always been our mission to communicate oriental ideas and trends to a wider world. Our mission statement is To Revive and Innovate, with the aim to re-invent our traditional clothing culture," said Zhang Zhifeng.

Inaugurated in 1997, China Fashion Week aims to promote creativity among Chinese designers and their exchanges with international counterparts. The more than two decades since have seen the event expanding its global influence to become a leading fashion event in Asia.