Food imports see major rise after 1st CIIE
Chen Tong

The second China International Import Expo (CIIE) is less than a week away. The food and agricultural products section will continue to be the largest exhibition area with more exhibitors than other sections.

Chinese consumers are already enjoying many benefits of the first expo, particularly in food choices. For example, Chinese consumers now have a wide range of choices for milk as domestic and international brands are well-displayed at supermarkets.

But what not everyone might know is that some milk imports are now arriving in China more quickly. For example, milk from New Zealand used to take eight days to work its way through customs. Now it takes only three after China introduced the simplified customs procedures during last year's expo.

The New Zealand firm Theland New Cloud Digimart has seen its sales jump significantly since the expo.

"Sales of our milk jumped from 3,000 bottles a week to 30,000 bottles now or even 80,000 in peak times. The brand is becoming more influential. The import expo gave us an open market with so many opportunities," said Sheng Wenhao, board chair of The land New Cloud Digimart.

That company is not the only milk brand that benefited from the first expo. In a supermarket in downtown Shanghai, consumers can find more milk brands introduced at the expo.

The first import expo gave China's dining tables more variety during this year, but this year's participants say even more is to come. Right now, more than 200 products from this year's exhibitors have been on display at G-Super before the expo starts. G-Super stands for Shanghai Waigaoqiao Direct Imported Goods sales center, which has several outlets in the city. 

"We have more than 100 products from the expo being sold in our supermarket. They are primarily food, and sales are quite good. The import expo allows us to purchase products directly and so prices are cheaper," Peng Xin, G-Super's store manager introduced.