120 officially-franchised items now on sale for Beijing Winter Olympics
Yuan Rui
Mascot merchandise launching ceremony, November 2, 2019, Beijing, China. /VCG Photos

Mascot merchandise launching ceremony, November 2, 2019, Beijing, China. /VCG Photos

2022 Beijing Winter Olymics and Paralympics Organizing Committee held a launching ceremony in Beijing for the mascot merchandise to be officially put on sale today at various retail and on-line stores.

Outside the Panda House at the Beijing Zoo, the two official mascots, Bing Dwen Dwen and Shuey Rhon Rhon, are among the 61 Olympic franchised toy commodities that are open for purchase starting today.

"As representatives of the Games, mascots carry the message of China's unique Olympic spirit. Today we chose a special location for the mascot merchandise launch ceremony, because here at the Panda House of the Beijing Zoo, we're in Bing Dwen Dwen's hometown. We really hope that the mascots will carry the message of the Olympics, and tell a Chinese story to those who bring them home," 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Marketing Director Piao Xuedong explained.

Vice-President and Secretary General of the Beijing 2022 Organizing Committee Han Zirong, marketing director Piao Xuedong, and former Chinese women's volleyball team captain and Rio Olympics champion Hui Ruoqi were among those attending the ceremony.

According to the organizers, the production team only received the mascot design on September 17, in order to keep things confidential. Then they successfully completed production in just 46 days. A new range of merchandise including franchised clothes, pins, key chains, and other commodities are also unveiled at the souvenir shops in the Panda House. 

Including 56 products available earlier, now 120 different types of official products have been released by the organizing committee, and are sold in different price ranges.