Documentary on China's governance introduced in Greece

A documentary on China's governance, entitled "China: Time of Xi," was introduced in Athens on Friday.

More than 200 representatives from the governments, media outlets and international organizations, including those from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the European Commission and Greek national broadcaster ERT, attended the presentation and watched a trailer of the documentary.

The three-episode documentary, jointly presented by China Intercontinental Communication Center (CICC) and the Discovery Channel from the United States, expounds through vivid stories the practices and achievements in the governance of China under Chinese President Xi Jinping's leadership.

The documentary has been a hit in China and abroad after being broadcast on several global media platforms. It will be broadcast on ERT on November 8-10.

During the presentation, Guo Weimin, deputy head of China's State Council Information Office, said that over the years, China and Greece have achieved fruitful results in jointly building the Belt and Road, and have lifted bilateral cooperation to a new height in such areas as economy, trade and culture.

Guo expressed his hope that through the documentary, the stories of the Chinese leader's governance of the country, the experience of China's development and how the Chinese strive for a better life can be shared, and the Greek people can have a deeper understanding of China and the Chinese people in the new era.

Chinese Ambassador to Greece Zhang Qiyue said that the China-Greece relationship has been continuously developing not only because the development strategies of the two countries are highly compatible, but also because China and Greece are both advocates of dialogue among civilizations, and share a common goal of promoting exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations.

Zhang said the documentary will help the Greek people to have a more comprehensive and objective understanding of today's China, and provide new ideas on jointly promoting cultural exchanges and development among countries.

Addressing the event on behalf of the Greek government, Apostolis Dimitropoulos, general secretary of higher education at Greece's Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, said that there is greater potential for further cooperation with China in many fields such as economy and culture, and that Greece is willing to deepen bilateral cooperation to promote win-win development.

During Friday's presentation, CICC and ERT also signed a memorandum of cooperation on the filming of two documentaries, "Travelling in China" and "Travelling in Greece." The start of filming a movie entitled "National Action" was also announced at the event. 

Source(s): Xinhua News Agency