Merck Group chairman expects to boost innovation with more Chinese companies
Wu Lei

Merck Group, a global leader in health care, life science and performance materials, is expanding its market share and innovation capabilities. As many believe health care, consumption and technology are some of the most important parts of China's economic growth. Merck Group Chairman and CEO Stefan Oschmann sat down with CGTN, sharing his views on Chinese innovation capabilities and challenges on science and technology.

China's development comes from innovation

Oschmann said all the companies exist because of innovation. He said Merck expects to work with Chinese AI leaders, Chinese biotech companies, semiconductor companies and also want to invest in some start-ups.

China is the most vibrant innovation ecosystem of these days, the company is now focusing on three sectors: bio-pharma, life science and performance materials, he said.

Oschmann believes that more and more innovation are coming out of China. For instance, in the cell therapy field, a majority of clinical trials are being conducted in China. He also believes that 50 percent of new biotech start-ups and projects will be coming out of China.