Dragon Boat World Cup: Chinese rowers bag 5 titles on closing day
Sports Scene

Chinese rowers made full use of the familiar home conditions on the final day to bring an emphatic end to the Dragon Boat World Cup in the Chinese city of Ningbo. The biggest-ever edition of this event featured 37 teams from 29 nations and regions, and saw the host country winning five events during the closing day of action.

Earlier, China's national team and Ningbo's local squad were among the top contenders in the 22-man 200-meter event. The group from the host city was more consistent with their paddling, and that pushed them to the front of the pack as they eventually grabbed top honors in 45.171 seconds.

The 10-woman 200-meter final allowed the Chinese ladies crew to shine. They claimed the title in 58.94 seconds, while the other five boats took more than a minute to cross the line.

The 10-man 200-meter contest was won by the rowers from Ningbo much to the delight of local spectators. Later, China's national team raced in the 10-woman 500-meter event and finished the contest five seconds ahead of their nearest competitors.

Then it was one last hurrah for Ningbo's crew in the 10-man 500-meter final as they collected the host country's fifth title of the day.