Toy giant Lego plans more stores in China with better IP protection
Updated 21:14, 07-Nov-2019
Wu Lei

Danish toy maker Lego is participating in the second China International Import Expo (CIIE). As one of the largest toy makers in the world, Lego Group will showcase their latest products for the Chinese market. CGTN talked with the LEGO Group CEO Niels B. Christiansen, who says the Chinese market has become one of their fastest growth markets and they hope to expand their market share with attending the CIIE.

CIIE is not just for exhibiting

Niels says the CIIE is not just another exhibition of products. It is a combination of product exhibitions with panel discussions and other key market activities. Chinese authorities are also in place and open to dialogue about improving the business environment, which makes the exhibition quite unique.

China's IP protection has improved

Lego welcomes fair competition, but Christiansen says they don't like it if somebody misuses their brand name or IP rights to mislead consumers. So what they've seen since last year is that authorities have gone in and have actually helped. They have won a couple of cases against copycats, they also see Shanghai police correctly applying laws and regulations.

Lego plans more stores in Chinese tier two and three cities

Chinese parents are very focused on the well-being and development of their kids, and understand the value of play in their development. With the growing number of middle class families, they are willing to spend more money on their children's education. Lego have therefore decided to open more stores in tier two or tier three cities, which have been very successful.

Lego plans to have 220 stores across China by 2020. /CGTN photo

Lego plans to have 220 stores across China by 2020. /CGTN photo

By the end of the year, there will be 140 stores in China, with 120 right now. They expect to have another 80 by 2020, increasing the amount of stores in China to 220.

Lego sees a really good fit between the mission of the CIIE and a shared future, with the Danish company now working closely with e-commerce companies like, with the aim of providing a safe and social digital environment for children. There are many different ways of getting Lego played with by more kids, and and building the brand across China.