Slovakia is open to 5G cooperation says Dy. PM for Investments and Information
World Insight with Tian Wei

The second annual China International Import Expo is being held at Shanghai's National Exhibition and Convention Center. CGTN's Senior Correspondent Tian Wei caught up with Richard Rasi, Slovakia's Deputy Prime Minister for Investments and Information, at the expo. He talked about the need for technological collaboration, and shared his views on 5G cooperation.

According to Rasi, his country has five technological goals which are also its biggest challenges. 

His country has challenges like artificial intelligence, it's a big challenge for us. Then there's 5G technology and super computers. Autonomous vehicles are another challenge. They have five goals. And that's why they need to prepare very clear and simple regulatory frameworks. These five topics are the biggest challenges for his country, he told CGTN. 

"From my point of view, of course, the future is 5G, the leader of 5G is China definitely," he said. 

He pointed out that the European Union and the United States have a different approach to 5G technologies and since European countries are open economies, they are open to cooperation in 5G. 

"I am sure that 5G cooperation between China and European countries will continue," Rasi said while speaking with CGTN. 

Talking about the risks he said: There is only one risk, that the business should be a fair game, but I think that "European countries are very rational, so they are very open, you can see some statements from leaders of European countries, most of them are already open. They say that they are open to cooperation."

The Slovak leader concluded by vowing to cooperate on the 5G technology saying, "We don't create any barriers. We are very open and we're looking forward to cooperation." 

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